Dispute resolution

At DA&A we believe that the practice of law involves two aspects: dispute prevention and dispute resolution. The dispute prevention aspect of our practice is based on the idea that the provision of the highest quality legal advice to our clients to ensure the adherence of business activities to the law is the best way to avoid conflict.


Nevertheless, we also understand that conflict is unavoidable in business, hence the dispute resolution aspect of our practice. Where disputes arise, we opt for the approach that best satisfies the needs and expectations of our clients and, where possible, protects the long-term interests of our clients vis-à-vis their business counterparts. We believe in thinking outside the box and we consider a broad range of possible solutions: negotiation, mediation, arbitration, litigation, settlement agreements, etc.


In our quest to ensure the best management of cases we adhere to the principle of efficiency. This requires very close collaboration between the lawyer and the client, and team work between the lawyers. This also requires full disclosure of all material information by all parties, the availability of the lawyer and responsiveness to client needs.

In litigation matters, we cover the following areas:


-          Corporate litigation

-          General commercial litigation

-          Labour/employment litigation

-          Administrative litigation

-          Corporate criminal litigation

-          Competition law litigation


We have expertise in arbitration and we master the arbitration regime of OHADA (Organisation for the Harmonization of Business Law in Africa). We offer both ad hoc and institutional commercial arbitration services, including the recognition and enforcement of domestic and foreign arbitral awards.